image kit

Wireless single-channel Electromyography (EMG) device for real-time muscle sensing.

The package includes:
  • 1x Wearable system (specs bellow)
  • 1x EMG professional sensor (integrated)
  • 1x Triaxial accelerometer (integrated)
  • 1x Magnetometer
  • 1x Pre-gelled self-adhesive disposable electrodes
  • 1x Bluetooth Low Energy dongle
  • 1x Medical-grade charger
System specifications:
  • Resolution: up to 16-bit
  • Streaming Rate: up to 50Hz (streaming raw or envelope)
  • Sampling Frequency: up to 1000Hz
  • Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Range: up to ~10m
  • Battery Life: ~8h streaming
  • Size: 31x71x11mm