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Rewellio - EMG Biofeedback Module

The Electromyography (EMG)-Biofeedback therapy module is designed to detect the slightest signals from the brain to the hand, which would not be visible otherwise. These optically imperceptible muscle activities can be amplified and shown by a virtual hand in the rewellio app running on the tablet.

The EMG-Biofeedback Module is powered by a biosignalsplux kit which includes the following hardware:

  • 1x biosignalsplux 4-channel hub
  • 2x biosignalsplux EMG sensors
  • 1x Reference cable
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Pack of Electrodes (200 per pack)

Cost: €933.00 (VAT, customs & shipping not included)

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About Rewellio

Rewellio provides a stroke rehabilitation software platform designed for both therapists and patients accessible through the rewellio app. Using affordable and mobile consumer electronics such as tablets, virtual reality (VR) headsets and EMG-biofeedback sensors, rewellio builds on proven and new rehabilitation methods with the aim of more and better therapy time for a faster and more enjoyable self-empowered recovery process. The rewellio app works in sync with rewellio’s data driven patient engine enabling algorithm-based therapy design and personal rehabilitation recommendations across various therapy disciplines. Rewellio’s goal is to assist the therapist at the clinic, hospital or rehabilitation center in addition to giving the patient extra and independent therapy time at home. More information: