Our wearable Body Area Network (BAN) systems combine high performance sensors, data acquisition unit, wireless transmission or local storage, and battery, in seamlessly integrated form factors.


what's included

Handy toolkit for wireless Electrocardiography (ECG)
and motion data acquisition.

RespiBAN Researcher

what's included

High performance real-time
acquisition of respiration and
motion even in dynamic conditions.

RespiBAN Professional

what's included

All the features of Respi
Researcher plus data logging ability
and generic ports for extra sensors.


what's included

Wireless single-channel
Electromyography (EMG) device
for real-time muscle sensing.


what's included

Battery-friendly accelerometer for
real-time sreaming or local storage
of high resolution motion data.


what's included

Dry gold electrodes + small EMG sensor chipset + Firmware code to process features on the device.