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Become a reseller

We are ready to become your biosignals partner. Highly modular system build by Researchers for Researchers with over 20 different sensors and actuators. Solid experience as a Company in the biosignals and wearables space. World class clients and partners. Solid management and customer care teamUnique set of assets and technical expertise. Proven track record of projects delivered to international companies.

Areas / Applications
BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH - biosignals HCI human computer
BIOFEEDBACK & REHABILITATION RESEARCH - biosignals biomechanics sports
BIOMECHANICS & SPORTS RESEARCH - biosignals psycho physiology

  • Research Kits: Wireless real-time biosignal acquisition units, complete with multi-modal sensors and software for recording, visualization, and data analysis.
  • Wearables: Our wearable Body Area Network (BAN) systems combine high performance sensors, data acquisition unit, wireless transmission or local storage, and battery, in seamlessly integrated form factors.
  • Sensors: Miniaturized sensors, specifically designed for maximum performance in a wide range of applications. Amongst our state of the art sensors you will find high performance electromyography EMG, discrete form factor electrodermal activity EDA, single lead ECG electrocardiogram ECG, ideal for evoked potentials and other localized electroencephalography EEG applications, triaxial accelerometer ACC, medical grade temperature TMP, affordable piezoelectric respiration PZT, a thin membrane force FSR, visible range light LUX sensor, inductive respiration RIP wirth adjustable chest strap, twin axis strain gage goniometer GON, precision load cell for force sensing applications, high performance pelvic floor vaginal EMG, RFID, highly accurate SpO2, low noise blood volume pulse BVP and a robust yet lightweight force platfom.