Do you accept University
purchase orders over e-mail?
Yes we do. You an either submit your PO by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill your shopping bag in our online Store and select either Quote or Invoice for the payment options. Payment can be performed using Credit Card (via PayPal) or bank transfer.
Research kits or wearables… what’s the difference? The research kits are a ready-to-use lab in a box with all the parts you'll need to do your research, including the pluggable sensors of your choosing. The kits provide the greatest flexibility and extensibility for the researcher, as you can mix and match the sensors you need for each research objective. Wearable form factors have similar specifications, with the advantage of having the sensors already integrated with the data acquisition unit providing maximum convenience for the users.
Are the biosignalsplux sensors compatible with other devices? Our professional and advanced accessories can be connected to any third-party devices that can provide a 0-3V power supply and that can deal with the analog outputs of the sensors.
Can I connect third-party sensors to biosignalsplux? Provided that your accessories have power and analog output specifications compatible with those of the biosignalsplux hardware, you can connect any sensor and even your own custom designs.
Why do the output values from biosignalsplux range from 0 to 65535? 0-65536 are the 16-bit digital codes produced by the analog-to-digital converter; these can be converted to the correct physical units using the right transfer function for the sensor that produced the data. OpenSignals has several transfer functions built into the software for your quick visualization and analysis.
What are the sampling rate options for biosignalsplux? It can sample data from up to 8 analog inputs at up to 1000Hz (per channel, not shared among channels).
What are the main differences between biosignalsplux and BITalino? While BITalino is an amazing entry-level biomedical toolkit, biosignalsplux has more channels (up to 8), higher resolution per channel (16-bit), has much better signal quality, includes a warranty, has molding ready to be worn by a user, and many other features; see the full comparison table in this link.
How can I connect more than 8 sensors to a subject? Each biosignalsplux hub can have up to 8 input channels, however, these can be extended through the use of multiple hubs (2 hubs = 16 channels, 3 hubs = 24 channels, etc.) using the Synchronization Kit; all channels can be simultaneously visualized and recorded using OpenSignals and synchronization is guaranteed through our sync cable and software facilities.
What is included in the biosignalsplux warranty? The warranty covers all repairs and/or replacement of faulty parts that are proven to be related with manufacturing... damages resulting from misuse or inattention are not covered by the warranty. See Xtra Care for more information on what's included in the warranty and how to extend it.
Does OpenSignals record data from third-party sensors? Given that both the biosignalsplux firmware and the OpenSignals software are general purpose, data from any sensor with compatible electrical specifications that you connect to biosignalsplux can be recorded using OpenSignals.
Can I create my own add-ons for opensignals? Yes... we provide an add-on development kit for OpenSignals, which enables users to create their own extension with custom algorithms and signal processing code. The API for this kit will be released shortly.
How do I collect signals with biosignalsplux on a mobile phone? A number of applications and programming APIs are available, which enable biosignalsplux products to be used with Android OS. If you require additional support for this, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
OpenSignals stated it is unable to connect to my device, though my Bluetooth pen is connected and my device is on. How do I reset the connection to get it to work again? Sometimes, the OS drivers stop working. Usually this is fixed by deleting the device from your operating systems device manager (Windows: left click > Remove device... ; Mac OSX: click on the circled ‘x’ on your device’s information) and connect it again as explained in Chapter 3.3 – Connecting Bluetooth Devices) of the User Manual. If you require additional support for this, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
I have purchased Software Add-Ons, or have a Researcher or Pro Kit and I do not see the Add-Ons in OpenSignals. How do I get them enabled? The Software Add-Ons are associated with the Mac address of your kits in the Software. Make sure your device has been added inside of OpenSignals, ensure you have an internet connection, and then restart OpenSignals after purchasing. If you still do not see the Add-Ons, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and send your device Mac address and list the Add-Ons that are missing and we will double check your permissions.