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Connecting Bioplux in Matlab

Hi all,

i have problems to connect the Bioplux in Matlab.
In detail the command "py.plux.BaseDev.findDevices( )" can not be run and reports the error:

Undefined variable "py" or class "py.plux.BaseDev.findDevices".

I tried several things. The python version 2.7 is installed correct. It seems it can not find the class. Do i need to import the file or something like this?
Maybe someone can help! Thanks!



  • Dear stmoron,

    apologies for the late response. You questions was posted during a period of our website update cycles and it appears that we have not received any notifications. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by this delay.

    This error usually occurs when MATLAB cannot find the PLUX API. I recommend placing the plux.pyd in your project folder and add the lines 23 to 25 found in the following example in the biosignalsplux.m file to your code which you can find in the following repository:

    I would generally recommend to follow the example shown in this repository using the files, biosignalsplux.m and plux.pyd.

    Please note that these files have been provided by PLUX, although it is here found in a repository of one of our users.

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